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Mobile & QR Code Development

Mobile & QR Code Development

​​What is mobile development?

Mobile development is the process of taking your online content and optimizing it for portable devices in the form of mobile websites and mobile apps. Generally, this process involves streamlining information and simplifying your design so that it presents nicely on a small screen and is easily digestible for on-the-go mobile users.

Why go mobile?

Today, mobile devices are ubiquitous in Minneapolis, St. Paul and across the globe. A high percentage of online traffic comes from smart phones, tablets and other gadgets, and projections suggest that within a few years mobile internet users will outnumber desktop users. If you’re missing out on this growing market segment, you’re behind the curve. It’s important to make sure that you’re providing a user-friendly mobile experience that is interactive and easy to navigate.

Mobile websites versus mobile apps

Often confused, there are distinct differences between these two variations, with each serving particular purposes. A mobile website is a restructured version of a standard website that is optimized for smaller displays and touch-screen interface. Mobile apps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed onto a device, and are typically more specialized in functionality. In general, a mobile website is the best way to establish a presence in the mobile space for your brand, whereas apps can be useful if you have specific objectives in mind.

How we can help?

• User interface design
• Smart phone/tablet development
• iPhone/Android apps
• SMS/text message marketing
• Special offer/QR code functionality

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